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Truth Bomb . . . Marriage Humility

Hey, hey, hey! It July 10, and that's a great day. Why? Because it just is. I'm trying out a new intro and it needs some serious TLC, but oh well, we will work on it! It's been a minute, so hey! If you're new to my blog, it's a mix of marriage realizations, self realizations, self love, humor, and all around love for everything I post. In the end of each post, I love myself a bit more, and it's seriously such an AWESOME realization. I LOVE being a blogger and sharing tid bits of my life with you!

I'm testing out a series idea, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to be as dedicated to it as I want to be. I'm going to try (fingers crossed) to do weekly realizations/weekly updates but we will see how it goes. Since we've been married I've really gotten out of my comfort zone, started 2 businesses, gotten lots of miles on my car, and experienced so many things for the first time, and I want you to be apart of it! After all, I am a lifestyle bl…

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