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Hey, I'm Megan, and I'm totally having a pity party tonight! I'm not even joking. Most of the time I'm a level headed person with sooooooooo much positivity. But, let's be real! Being positive 100% of the time isn't real life. I'll admit, I have my moments way more then I would ever want to admit, and I feel bad about burdening people with my ridiculous emotions sometimes. But I'm HUMAN. It's okay to feel pain, regret, sadness. It really is okay. You don't have to be okay all the time. Break down. Have a vent session with your best friend. Talk about your regrets, feel those feelings.

So I'm going to vent today, but I'm pretty sure I vent on here all the time anyways, and it's probably going to turn into something positive at the end ,because for some reason that's just the way it goes. Holy crap, I'm pretty sure I've used "because" and "but" way more than the average person but it is what it is, and …

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