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Love Unknown- Sunday Share with Abbie Nicholas

Hey guys! I have some news that I am freaking excited, thrilled, joyous, and every good adjective in the book world about! A week ago I put a status on my social media platform, calling anyone who wanted to share their story with the blogging world. And guess what? To my surprise, people were interested and stories started trickling it. Not just made up stories that are told to merely entertain. Instead they are real, raw, and down right incredible. And disclaimer, I freaking love them!

I am so excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Abbie Nicholas. Her story is one filled with love and hope, it is totally fitting for the month of love!

Hey everyone!
I am glad I get to share my story with you today. Here we go, buckle up and settle in.
We will start with some background on myself. My name is Abbie Lee Nicholas. I am 23 years old and married to my absolute best friend, Taylor. Fun fact about Tay and I: Our birthdays are both in October. Mine is the 11th and his is the 17th, but…

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