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Hey all you beauties! It's been a hot little minute since I've written some awe-inpsiring words. Ha, I want you to know that I am using soooooo much sarcasm in that last sentence. I honestly just write what I feel, and that's just what happens. Take what you will out of it. So, as a person lately I've been a hot mess, and I feel like I have nothing in my life together.

Do you ever remember being a kid and thinking life is going to be so much better when I'm an adult. When I can eat icecream anytime I want (heck, let's be real that's the BEST thing about adulthood), when I don't have to go to school everyday, or deal with Algebra homework (because that was the toughest thing ever), or even listen to my parents rules. Then bam, you find yourself at 18 years old going to college, not under the supervision of your parents all the time. You have to make your own decisions, pay your own bills, buy your own gas, and (GASP) get a job. You find yourself missing…

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