Becoming Myself

If you've read my blog before you know that I am on a journey to loving myself. This is another installment of that series that I'm naming,  The Self Love Movement.  You can see the other posts in that series here: Dear Broken GirlBecoming Unbroken.

Honestly I've been out of high school for three months, and I have no life experience. I've never been abused, I don't come from a broken home, I've never been in love, I've never been more than three states away, and I live in a small community. Therefore I am sheltered. Just because I haven't been exposed to much doesn't mean that I don't have my own demons, trials, and struggles with myself.

I've always been overweight and discontent with the way I look. I was self destructive in adolescence because of the way I viewed myself. Instead of being thankful that I do have a body and can see, walk, and talk, I focused on what was wrong with myself. But hey I do have a body I can walk, talk, and see, and not everyone has that, so I need to be grateful and focus on the positive.

Growing up I've realized that I am enough and to work with my insecurities. I was so unsure of myself that when one of my friends didn't like something I said I didn't like it; even if I did so that I could be just like them. I don't have to wear the same clothes everyone else does, do my makeup the same way, or have the exact same hairstyle. I can make my own decisions about myself and make myself happy. I don't have to have the same body shape as my friends, I don't have to dress to impress, I don't have to use my friends opinions and make them my own.  Instead I am going to express my believes and opinions on my own, who cares if others don't like it. I'm done with being afraid of being who I am. After all I have awesome qualities that are different from everyone else. Stop being afraid of others and being a carbon copy of them. If the whole world was the same it would be so boring, and everyone would possess the same qualities. Last week, in church, my Sunday School teacher made the comment that if the whole world was the same then we would all have the same errors, and they would be multiplied. So just embrace who you are and be glad you are made different from everyone else.  

I am becoming myself and with that I'm choosing to embrace my weaknesses by making myself better. I don't always like what I do but the awesome thing is that I can change myself. I have the ability to become better each and every day. If I want to change it isn't up to anyone else but up to me. 

So be the best you can be and accept yourself for who you are. Don't change for anyone else, be the person who will make yourself proud. Think of when you are 90 years old and looking back on your life if you will be proud of the way you viewed yourself in your younger years. Remember self love is a process, and you've got it in the bag, just take it one day at a time.



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