Becoming Unbroken

Loving yourself has become taboo in our generation. It is perceived that one is cocky or overly confident if they like themselves, and that is SOOOOO wrong! Although there are some people who fit the stigma of over-liking themselves, that's a select few. We as a whole are constantly trying to change ourselves. Although it's not a bad thing to make improvements, it becomes a dangerous thing when those improvements are made for others and not for ourselves. If it doesn't help with our happiness it is not worth it! As a society we constantly are wanting approval and want to fit in. But shouldn't we like ourselves for who we are?

I'll be the first to admit that I have insecurities, and they sometimes control my life. Honestly I don't like how my hair falls sometimes, I don't like the acne on my face, and I don't like that my weight isn't coming off as fast as I'd.  It's my choice if these things (that I'm pretty sure everyone experiences) affect me. I've realized this over the past month and I'm trying to make improvements. But, oh boy it is SO HARD! It's a constant mind game day by day on how I treat myself.

Self acceptance/love is a day to day process. It's like learning to ride a bicycle. You aren't going to be able to ride it perfectly in one day. Instead you need to practice and soon enough you'll get the hang of it.  Guess what? My insecurities are still there but I'm learning how to deal with them, and not let them rule my attitude and perception of myself.

Here are some tips on how I make myself feel more confident:

  • Have a mantra- This may seem kind of stupid but when you are having a negative thought, or a worried feeling repeat this mantra to yourself, an example might be, "You are awesome, and you can do this." It might seem silly the first time you do it but if you keep doing it, it will stick.

  • Do things that scare you- This is obviously super scary but if you go in with full force you will be so proud of what you've accomplished.

  • Don't underestimate yourself- You can do anything, I mean anything you set your mind to! Put your mind in the the mindset that you can do it, and you will. The mind is the most powerful thing in the human body. It controls thoughts, emotions, and so much more! The trick to accomplish anything is to tell yourself you can do it. Get rid of all the self doubt, it really wears you down. If you can control the thoughts in your mind you can do anything.

  • Surround yourself with good people- This is a no brainer, if you want to feel better about yourself hang out with people who are genuinely kind and that like you for you. On the same token make sure they like themselves as well, it's hard to be positive around people who are constantly bashing themselves and others.

  • Serve others- Service makes humans happy, I'm not sure if that's a statistic, but it should be! I know that when I am helping someone else out I am so much happier and more confident in myself. It doesn't have to be something big, even smiling at someone is service and it makes you happier. Service makes you happier which boosts your confidence and it makes the person you are serving happy because you helped them in some way or another. It's a win win win!

  • Realize you are worth liking- It is so much easier to be kinder to yourself, so just do it! It gets rid of frustration, bad attitudes, and bad self confidence. If you realize that you are worth liking your whole demeanor will change for the best!

You are worth every goodness in the world and so am I, each one of us are! Don't hate on yourself! You are in control of what thoughts pop into your mind and how you view yourself. You've totally got this, and don't forget I am going to be working right along side you, so we will both be in good company! Use your mind for good and remember you are awesome, and can do anything you set your mind too! Always remember loving yourself is like riding a bike, it takes practice and you won't get it from day one. Practice makes perfect, take loving yourself day by day, if you don't do good the first day then try again the next day. We will get it together, and totally transform ourselves one positive thought at a time!



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