Dear Broken Girl

I've never been the girl who was chosen first to play a sport, or the first person my friends called to hang out, or the girl with the strong self esteem. Instead, I was the girl who got made fun of for the way I looked. I was the girl who had insecurities and flaws that I saw in myself that held me back. I was the girl who found out about friends hanging out behind my back from social media. I was the girl who always had to try and impress everyone by wearing the latest fashions. I was the girl who was into the latest trends because I wanted to be liked. But not anymore, although I have insecurities (believe me I do) I am not going to let the fear of not fitting in, my negative thoughts, or any insecurity I have get to me. It's time to be myself, and not look to please everyone else. I know I am worth being happy. I deserve happiness, and each one of you do too! Furthermore this letter is to the old me, the broken girl.

Dear Broken Girl,
You are not broken, at all!!! You are beautiful, not because you wear the latest fashions or have the perfect hair and makeup. You are beautiful because you are not perfect, all of your imperfections make you the person you are, and that is true beauty! Just because you aren't a size 2 doesn't mean you are any less of a person. Your weight doesn't define you, your character does. I so wish that you would've known that just because you don't look like your friends doesn't mean you are any less beautiful. Now I realize that everyone is beautiful in their own individual ways. Kindness goes a  long ways, don't be afraid to talk to that boy alone in the hallway with no friends. Always be kind, you can have so much of an impact on a person by smiling or even saying hi.  Did you know that no one in this world,out of 7 billion people,  is exactly like you?! Even though your life may be a mess and you've lost some influential people, you are worth everything because you have a life, a life worth living. Someday you are going to make a difference in this world, you really are! Whether it is as simple as raising a child (which is such an awesome thing) or maybe finding the cure to cancer, you are going to do amazing things. Although life may be crummy, your future is bright. I know you  don't have the clearest skin, you aren't the skinniest, don't have the perfect hair, and you don't feel like you matter, but you do! Highschool is hard, and friends are hard to keep. Don't waste your time on fake friends. Find friends who uplift, encourage, and motivate. Keep those friends close, but don't be afraid to make new friends. Find what you love to do and pursue your passion with all of your heart. Who cares if you don't go on dates, who cares if you don't have many friends, who cares if you don't have the latest gadgets. Maybe the time just isn't right for things to happen, but the time will come! Someone in this world loves you, and I guarantee it! You were created to be different, you were created to get through hard times, and you were created to become the best version of yourself. Never forget that you are not alone, and will never be alone! Never listen to the voices in your head that say you can't do it. Anything is possible and achievable! Believe in the goodness of the world (I promise their is still goodness in the world), believe in people, believe in love, believe in faith, and ultimately believe in yourself! You are worth everything, believe in yourself. After all if you don't love or respect yourself how will others know how to do it. Believe me, Broken Girl, there is hope out their, you will be whole again.
The girl piecing herself back together

I just want you all personally to know that you are beautiful, and never let anybody tell you otherwise. You are important and special just the way you are! 

Enjoy this empowering song from my girl, Colbie!



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