The Forgotten Species: Good Guys

The funny thing about life is this not so little thing we call "life lessons" or trials. They make us, break us, and are necessary for us to grow in this life. To be super honest, they aren't my favorite thing ever. But usually the lesson learned afterwards is so much more rewarding and makes the reasoning for the trial understood.

With that being said, one of the biggest trials faced as a "millennial" or even a young adult in today's world is that of DATING. You see, the problem with dating now-a-days is it's not really dating at all. It's texting someone for a while, flirting, quick NCMOs, leaving that person on "read", moving on, and completely ignoring the fact that they even exist. It's really every little girls dream when they grow up to meet this guy, NOT! 

I'll be the first to admit I have been that girl that stereotypes men as no good, heart hurting, idiots. But, I'm going to swallow my pride and say that is not always the case, not all guys suck. 

No one talks about the good men who call to see how you are doing, open the doors for you, and actually treat women like they are daughters of God. They seem to get bypassed in mainstream media which portrays men as cheating pigs who lead women to sadness and eventually finding themselves more triumphant without the man. But guess what? Media isn't all that truthful and good men do exist. 

So today I am grateful, grateful to have dealt with the not so good guys so I could actually realize my worth and see the good ones. I'm human, I do stupid things and I learn hard lessons on the daily. My most recent not so smart thing was liking a guy who didn't want the same things I wanted out of life. I was being reckless and looking for the wrong types of guys. I would talk to them even if our values and standards weren't the same because I didn't want to be that Mormon girl who condemned all guys who weren't LDS as "unworthy" of me. I didn't want to be the girl that was judged because of me judging others. But you know what? That is my right! It's our right to judge the people we are pursuing and maybe even dating. It's your right to decide what you want, and you have every right to stick up for what you think is right. Never let anyone, I don't care how cute they are, sway the things or boundaries you have set for yourself. If they really loved you they would respect your values, beliefs, and standards. There is so much more to a person than looks. Don't get all caught up in the looks. They may be cute but if they don't respect you as a person they aren't worth your time. Don't go for the boys who are just looking for a make-out session and a pretty body. The ones that like the way you look, but not your personality or the way you act. The wrong guys treat girls like a piece of meat, they don't care about the way your nose crinkles when you smile instead they care about the size of your chest. That is not love. But when a guy comes a long that treats you like you are important and that you matter and thinks you look just as beautiful without makeup on you feel a different kind of attraction. When you can talk like you've known each other your whole life and are comfortable with sharing your hopes and dreams, you know it's something special. Sharing the same values becomes one of the most important things and if he can share his love of God and beliefs with you that is a beautiful thing. 

So thank you good guys for reminding me of my worth. For showing me what I want and deserve in a future husband. For reminding me how I should be treated. And for treating me like a friend first. So instead of being sad that some things just aren't meant to be right now, I am overcome with gratitude. Grateful that a good guy was able to remind me who I was and what I want out of life.

Kudos to all the good guys out there, I promise you don't go unnoticed!


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