Beauty Lessons from Grandma

I've always had a fascination with the style of the 1950's and 1960's. Women were so elegant, poised, and seemed to have it all together. And we look at today's self obsessed, fake world we live in where lip injections and Botox are the norm. So what changed, and how can we go back to being beautiful by what's inside and what we do rather than what we put on our bodies? What marks a woman or any human being as being beautiful? Is it the clothes we wear, the amount of makeup we put on, the size of our clothes, perhaps beauty goes deeper than the amount of time we put in our appearances. Maybe, just maybe, beauty is measured by the moments we make someone smile, or the kind words we speak of others, or perhaps, the way we react to situations.

I've seriously been wondering what makes people beautiful, and I've decided to do a case study on a woman I've been thinking about lately, my grandma Derricott. She's this beauty below.

Include others.
It's been five years since we lost her due to a severe stroke. There's no doubt about it, she fought a hard battle. She never made anyone feel left out or excluded. She was a talker for sure, and would make sure that everyone knew what her opinion was. I think that's so important to make yourself known, not with the clothes you wear, or with your outer beauty, but instead with your inner beauty and inner self. Talk to people let them know who you are, be real with everyone you meet, and your personality will shine through.

Don't give up.
When my grandma was declining I got to know her determination and motivation. Not one time did she tell me it was too hard. So I say go through life and don't complain. Bad things will happen, that's life. They shouldn't define you, let me repeat don't let bad circumstances define you. You are so much more than that!

Support the ones you love.
My grandma would always show up to my dance recitals or singing concerts with her video recorder and capture the moment. She was always so proud, no matter what we had done, there's no doubt that she always had our back. She was even proud of me when I had my Barbie obsession and had about 175 barbies. I remember her always going to the temple and comparing pictures with the other ladies there telling them our life story. She had that dang book wherever she went, and she made sure that everyone knew she loved us unconditionally.

Live without regrets.
My grandparents had the travel bug, bad. One day they had business cards made that said "Have keys, will travel" which included their names, e-mail address, and phone number. They made an impact on many lives. The fact is she did what she loved, so do what you love. Live without regrets. If you like hiking go on tons of hikes, if you like photography pursue as much of it that you can. Do what you love and go as far as you can in it, because life is too short. Do what you love while you can!

Love with your whole heart.
Grandma and Grandpa had a love that was unique. They supported each other in their interests and were always inseparable. Their lives consisted of sticking with the ones they loved the most, and opening their hearts and homes to them.

Live authentically.
No amount of makeup can cover up your personality and attitude towards others. When you are genuine with yourself and others people will begin to take notice and might even do the same. Stay true to yourself and your beauty will shine through and through!

I think the key to beauty is loving who you are, loving those you are around, and opening your mind and heart to the joys of life. Instead of the amount of Instagram followers determining your beauty, or how well you can put on makeup or even the amount of makeup you wear, let your love of life determine your beauty. How you decide to live is what makes you most beautiful. Now is the time to love more, and live more! It's funny how you can lose someone but through losing them for a small moment you find yourself. Remember your loved ones and treasure the moments you have together, this life is short, but it's well worth it so live it to the fullest.



  1. Meg,

    I've had this on my reading list for a long time. Just this morning in a quiet moment on a quick vacation to Montana did I take time to read it. I'm a much better person for having done so. I'm sorry that I didn't do so sooner. I appreciate you and your family for being there with and for my mom and dad when I was so far away. The things you've shared here have helped me remember their good qualities. God bless you.


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