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Valentines Day brings up the subject of relationships and statuses. I think single people get the stigma of being jealous and bitter towards the holiday, when in all actuality we are all waiting for the day after to buy cheap candy. Honestly its hard seeing others find their "soul mates" and remaining single. But the single years are full of learning about oneself and figuring out your passions, and place in this world, and preparing yourself for when you do find that special someone. So, if you are single this one's for you. 

Being single doesn't mean you are worthless. In fact, it means the exact opposite. The cliche response when someone asks why your single is, "You just haven't found the right one yet." And friends, it carries some truth with it. Personally I believe that God has a plan for each one of us, and places people in our lives for a reason. Maybe you just haven't met "the one" yet, and that's okay. In the meantime don't just sit around and wait and do nothing. LIVE YOUR LIFE. When you are married you are with that person all the time, and although that can be great, you won't be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Follow your dreams, learn a new hobby, complete a bucket list, go to school, work, hang out with your friends any chance you get, meet new people, heck find the cure to cancer. The fact of the matter is that you can live your life without limits and try new things, so take advantage of that!

As humans its natural for us to compare ourselves with others, but we need to remember not to be destructive. Have you ever been in that situation where your best friend gets in a relationship and you still are single? I think everyone at some point of time has experienced that. With me my friends are starting to get married. Instead of being jealous that you aren't in that same situation be happy for them. Life is way to short to be mad at someone for being in love. Instead of focusing on them, maybe its time to look at yourself and finding your own happiness. Determine what brings you joy and go with it, with all of your heart.

LOVE YOURSELF! I do a lot of self searching, and I've found that before I can fully love someone I need to first love myself. Realize your worth and importance, and I promise you others will see it and recognize it. If there are parts of you that you can improve on, and that will make you a better person do it! Being single means you can work on yourself, and being the best possible version of yourself. Take advantage of it. 

So if you find yourself valetine-less this Valentines Day be your own valentine, and LOVE YOU. Remember your worth, and that you are important. Enjoy your single years, and make as many memories as possible.

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