Find Your Happy

Lately I've been doing a lot of soul searching, and I've been questioning what I really want in life. It brings up some hard questions and even harder decisions. I've been told that your teen and young adult years are the most critical years in ones life because it sets the foundation for the future of your existence. If that's not deep, I don't know what is. So how does one remain happy when life is going 100 mph?

Realize that now is not the time to have all the answers. Heck I am nineteen, and I'm freaking out about where my life will end up. Although, it is important to have a general sense of direction it's also important to try out new things. I can't thing of another time where you can have new experiences, meet new people, and test out how you want your future to go then as a young adult. Honestly, there are so many opportunities to try new hobbies, and to meet new friends. So don't be stressed if your life isn't set in stone. Try new things, and if you like them then stick with them.

Get to know yourself. You know when you meet someone new and there first question is, "What do you like to do?" And you totally draw a blank, because how the heck do you answer that question? Ask yourself the same question. Find out your likes, dislikes, hobbies, you're favorite ice cream flavor, and whatever else you may want to know. Seriously, if you get to know yourself it's easier to make new friends with the same interests.

Find the best in each situation and person. This is hard, so dang hard! Instead of when an old guy tells you, you look nice today, maybe you shouldn't say that was weird. Even if it was weird, be like well that was nice. (I have the most awkward life ever, but it's all chill.) Or lets say if you get on a wreck earlier in the week, and are completely freaking out. Look at all the people who will drop everything to help you and make sure that your ok, even if it was just a fender bender. (Seriously I have the best people in my life!) Even if it's not something weird and as bad as a car accident, maybe it's something as simple as getting a bad grade on a test. Look at the bright side, now you know you have to work harder for what you want to obtain, and that's a good thing to stretch yourself.

Surround yourself with a good support system. As mentioned above, I have the BEST support system, and seriously they are very diverse and different people. They range from my friends who I can vent weird frustrations to, to my parents who are just always there, to the overprotective big brothers (who fix my car, and are protective), to cute nephews who can brighten anyone's day. The list goes on and on. Find people who make you the best version of yourself, and stick with them. Choose ones who will always be there for you, even when you make crappy choices. If they'll still love you in your worst times they'll love you in your best.

Find what makes you happy, and do it! In a hectic world it's all about a fast paced environment, and it's hard to make time for ourselves and enjoy simple pleasures. Find what brings you joy, what makes you happy, and go with it. It'll be so much better for your state of mind if you make yourself happy!

Basically you're all awesome, and should always be happy! Go forth, and let your happiness radiate!



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