Light Shines On

I haven't posted in a couple of week, and for that I am sorry. Life is crazy, and it won't slow down no matter how much I try. Today I had the privilege of watching General Conference, it's pretty much church on TV. It's awesome because you can have spiritual insight from inspiring people, who are called of God, in the comfort of your own home. If you want to learn more about it and see how awesome it is visit Here you can find access to viewing uplifting talks, watch conference live, and even uplifting Christian music. It's really cool and you all should check it out! Also, feel free to use the image below and share it!

Lately I've had my fair share of trials.

Disclaimer: This isn't going to be a pity party, or a poor me post.

 Even though a lot of hardships have been happening to me and my family I've found goodness with each trial. Through all these mishaps I've been more grateful than ever.

Instead of focusing primarily on the hardships of my life, I noticed the shining moments. The blessings that God gives to me each and every day are more important than the trials I have. I made the choice that I'm not going to let the bad things get to me. I made the choice to let light shine through. The Light of Christ is what gets us through difficult circumstances. He is always there for us, even when we feel we don't deserve it.

I am here to let you know that Christ lives, and He loves us all! We all have those times when we feel like we are inadequate and can't measure up to anything, let alone be loved by one such a Jesus Christ. Those are the times that we need to rely on Him most! You are never too low for His help, you have never made one to many mistakes. Satan wants you to think that you aren't enough, that is the biggest misconception of all time. The fact that you are here right now, living on this Earth and that you were created by God makes you worth all the rubies in the world. You are enough, and through his grace and the power of the Atonement you can be made whole again!

You are all loved, and remember light always shines through! God is not dead, and the light shines on!



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