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Happy Sunday ya'll. I probably shouldn't say ya'll because I can't do a Texan accent, which is super lame. Anyways, Sunday is seriously my favorite day of the week! I really like Sundays for relaxing, pondering, and going to church. Since it's my favorite day, I thought I'd give you all a  FREE printable of one of my favorite quotes.

So today was a super awesome Sunday, and I wanted to share with you a quote from Jeffery R Holland. If you don't know who he is I'll give you a little teaser. Basically he is the Chuck Norris of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He actually came and spoke to my Stake a couple of years ago and the chapel was packed so they opened up the gym, and that was packed so they opened up the Relief Society room. So as you can see he is pretty much a big deal. Elder Holland is so in tune with the spirit and such an intriguing speaker that when he speaks you can hear a pin drop.

 This is my favorite quote from him + it's a FREE printable (right click and hit save as):

As human beings we feel torn, tattered, and defeated when we make wrong choices, or even when life doesn't go smoothly. It's basic human nature to feel down trodden, and worthless after something hard has happened. Even though it feels like the world is crumbling around us, it isn't. There is hope to rise again and to stand tall. Mistakes are going to happen, unexpected trials are going to happen. There is no way in escaping or knowing when and what is going to happen in life. Life isn't predictable, you can make all the predictions that you want but God has a plan for you. It's not your plan it's His plan. 

I'm here to tell you that if you do make a mistake there is hope out there. It's a not so little thing called the Atonement. The Atonement of Christ is there to make you stand strong, and be made whole again. God and Jesus Christ want us to rely on them and to make them a part of our daily lives. By using the Atonement you are more than your afflictions. We as Children of God are given the gift of the Atonement to become clean and to have our wrongdoings and sins taken away from us. 

We are all imperfect beings and need to realize that there is hope. There is a way out of our wrong doings, and we need to rely on Him. I know with my whole heart that Heavenly Father wants to see us all succeed. He wants us to come to Him. 

Each one of us is a son/daughter of a king. We are worth so much, don't be too hard on yourself when something goes awry. Instead, shake it off and try harder next time. Life is a constant battle but if you remember who you are, it's won't be so bad. Remember you are all loved!

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