How To: Vintage Shelf Decor

Decorating can be so much fun, but it can also be a pain. If you are like me you like to do it but would rather have a set guide of how to get it just right. I've come up with a step by step tutorial of how to get this vintage shelf decor vibe. Enjoy!

The first thing you are going to want to do is choose a picture that you want to be the main focal point. This is important, it's the base to what the other decorations are going to be like. This base picture will determine the color scheme of the other decorations.

Next I chose books to add dimension. Dimension is really important because it adds some difference,  rather than things that are flat to the wall. Notice how the books are orange, red, and light blue; I made sure they matched the color scheme of my main picture, the melted crayon art.

 Find filler items. These are items such as jars, bowls, candle-holders, plants, etc. You can pick up these items at thrift stores. I picked up these little babies at a thrift store for twenty five cents a piece. As you can see I placed these candle holders next to my books, I didn't put them right next to each other instead I placed them askew.

The next thing I added was this pottery bowl filled with fake flowers. This is another filler item and it adds a little femininity with the flowers. I added them next to the picture and candle holders.

 Here are some different views of the completed shelf. The birds aren't necessarily  part of the shelving decor because they were there before the shelf was even up, but they compliment the decorations nicely. It kind of looks like the birds are flying to the tree on the canvas, so that's pretty neat. Don't be afraid to add vinyl to your walls that will compliment your shelf decor.

I added lights to the bottom of the shelf for my night time reading. I just turn them on and read away, it's really nice not having to get out of bed and turn off the lights, instead I just reach up and turn off the reading lights.

And that is the finished vintage shelf decor. I hope you enjoyed, and if you like posts like this be sure to let me know!



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