Bye-Bye Perfection

There is a huge problem we have in this nation, and worldwide today. It's the idea of looking perfect, acting perfect, and being that perfect person. The problem is we are constantly trying to out do the person next to us. Trying to get more likes on that post on Facebook and get the most likes on Instagram. Somehow these likes are reflecting how we view ourselves, and our self worth. The whole thought of perfect in our minds is tarnishing on how we view ourselves, and others.

In this day and age social media is a big deal. I probably check my phone a hundred times a day, and that's no joke. I find myself constantly checking to see the latest news on Facebook, follow my favorite celebrities on Twitter, and view pictures on Instagram. It's an instant stream of connections with others who you aren't with 24/7, yet you can be with them through social media. Although it is a blessing, it has it's downsides. 

As I was scrolling through Facebook today I noticed an app that enhances your appearance and makes you seamlessly "perfect." I was really intrigued by this, and downloaded the app out of curiousity. I mean seriously, I wanted to know what the whole idea was about. And I'll be honest I was curious to see what I would look like without flaws, who wouldn't!

So I downloaded the app. All I had to do was download a picture of myself off of my phone and choose the filters of makeup, creating a seamless version of myself. First I played around with the makeup filters. Testing what colors looked best on my skin, perfectly harmless. Then I found my way around editing the appearance of my face, changing how I looked completely. By slimming down my face, making my smile wider, and even brightening my eyes. Suddenly I wasn't the person I looked at in the mirror, I was a plastic "better" version of myself. 

As I toggled between the before and after picture I felt insecure about the way I looked in real life. The image I looked at in the mirror betrayed me, all because of I didn't look like that person on my phone. I am not perfect, I don't look perfect, act perfect, or deal situations perfectly. I have flaws, you have flaws, heck even Beyonce has flaws. That doesn't mean that we are all not good enough. 

The bottom line is we need to change the ideal image of perfection, we need to throw it out all together. It simply doesn't exist. The change of the way we see ourselves and others begins without each one of us. It's not easy to like what you look like in the mirror, or like all the things that you do. But the only true way to fight against trying to outshine everyone else is to first like who you are. It's really hard to like everything about yourself, I would say nearly impossible. Nobody likes everything about themselves, but like something. Maybe you like your smile, that's awesome! Find something small that you really like about yourself and work your way up from there.

Say goodbye to the ideal image of perfection and instead look in the mirror and see yourself for who you are. Quit trying to get the most likes on social media, instead look for the good in yourself and in others. Be happy with what makes you, you.

Just know the image of perfection isn't actually perfection, you are awesome the way you are. Embrace yourself, and love yourself in every form.



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