School --Can Be-- Cool

After countless hours of preparation, there you are walking up the steps  about to enter the door. Thoughts running through your mind if you should've curled your hair instead of straightening it, are your jeans trendy enough or should you have bought the $100 pair, is your makeup perfect or should you have gone with the smokey eye? Everyone has had similar thoughts to this when walking in on the first day of school. Fitting in is the biggest priority at fifteen, seventeen, and even nineteen. The fact of the matter is that as a society we long to fit in. But I'm here to tell you, you don't fit in. You were born to stand out! Those people you are trying to fit in with don't fit in. They aren't even real, the ideal vision of looking like the celebrities in magazines is just a rouse to buy more products. To buy products to make your waist look slimmer, to enhance your lips, and products that change your whole appearance. Heck the people in magazines we lust after don't even look like that! How crazy is that? Celebrities don't even look like themselves in images in magazines.
You are unique, perfectly unique.

This school year you don't have to look like everyone else. Be apart of  a movement of loving who you are, flaws and all. Make your flaws your strengths instead of weaknesses. Have no more of your head down in the hallways. Hold your head tall, even when you are unsure of yourself. If you are confident in yourself, but don't be overly confident, people will begin to take notice. It's alright not to be sure of yourself, but if you are at least content with who you are and are not trying to change yourself then you will be much happier. Life is hard enough with others criticizing you, so don't do it to yourself. Always remember that you are beautiful and worth every goodness in the world.

Next,  don't get caught up in the hierarchy of school, and the cliques. Cliques are the absolute worst. Have friends and always stay friends with them, but remember that it is perfectly okay to go out and make new friends. It's always fun to meet new people, so go out and make some new friends, you will thank me in the end. 

Be realistic when taking exams. Did you study enough, could you have studied more?  Whenever I was stressed about a big test my parents would tell me to do my best because when you do your best you will never be let down. This saying is so true, and my parents are pretty awesome! If you give whatever you do your all, whether it be sports, art, or school in general, you will never be upset with yourself. You won't accomplish everything every single time, and you will mess up, but that's what life is all about learning and living. 

The next thing I want you to know is that parents aren't all that bad, and despite popular belief aren't trying to ruin your life. Your parents main goal is to see you succeed, it really is! So when they say they don't feel comfortable with you seeing that boy you like its probably for a reason. They've been through teenage years and want to teach you through their experiences.

 Please remember that everyone else feels like the center of attention is on them, with everyone worrying about that they aren't thinking about what's wrong with you at all. So stay cool this year, remember confidence is key, and be kind to whomever you meet, I promise you won't regret it! Best of luck this school year, and be the absolute best version of you!



  1. It comes so fast! Thanks for sharing your ideas with the Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. I love the Thursday Blog Hop!! Thanks for commenting!


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