Life is FULL of lemons

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sounds familiar, right? Whether a teacher, mother, or adult told you these famous words, it stuck with you. For me, personally, I always thought it was just some saying adults told children when things didn't turn out quite as expected.The fact of the matter is that there are numerous lemons in our lives.  Think of a lemon: sour, bitter, and not very pleasant when consumed alone.  The most bitter lemons in our lives can be insecurities, flaws, trials, and the unknown.

First of all, being a human is hard!  We constantly judge ourselves by  placing thoughts in our minds that we don't measure up. Most of the time we are judging ourselves harder than the people whom we think actually judge us.  Our hardest critics are ourselves. We cause the bitterness of that lemon by being so focused on not being good enough and not measuring up. I understand that none of us are perfect, but if we spent a little more time being kinder to ourselves life wouldn't be so hard.

Whether you are old, young, or in between, trials come in the most inopportune moments. The plain and simple truth is there will always be hardships. Imagine you are running a race, lets say a 5k. You are running, you make it the first mile just fine. Your breathing is good and you feel like you can finish the race strong. You keep on going, your breathing is fine and you are feeling pretty good, two miles down. The last mile involves a hill, a hill you didn't know was going to be there. You have two options 1.Quit  or 2.Try your hardest. Life is a race, and hills do come up, it is up to each one of us to decide how the hills are going to affect us.

New chapters of life are scary, so scary! In a way they are like books, you really want to know what happens next but you have no idea what is in store.This is the hardest one for me, I am a planner, I literally write everything down and evaluate every side of it. Since I am in a new chapter of life, adulthood,  I have absolutely no clue of what to expect. In all reality their is nothing you or I can do about the unknown, you really can't! One thing that you and I both can control is our attitudes. Our attitudes affect the way we act towards ourselves, others, trials, and even the unknown.

Don't be discouraged about insecurities, flaws, trials or the unknown. Embrace what makes you unique, embrace your trials, and embrace the unknown. Don't forget that lemonade can't be made without lemons and it can made sweet and tasty after the sugar and water is added. After all the saying does go, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."



  1. Yes! This is so true. Life is full of hardships. Our attitude is what matters! Love your example using a race. Thanks for sharing!


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