I Believe

A belief is something that you feel passionately about. It is something that in your mind makes sense. It isn't just something you are taught, it is something that you have thought about, something that you've calculated in your mind. It is something that makes you who you are. Here's what I believe. 

I BELIEVE...................................................

1. That I have the power to change the world
No I will not change the world by being some world famous person. Nor will I change the world by having a popular blog. But I will change the world by my attitude and the way that I treat others. I will change the world by being happy. I will change the world by someday raising children, because who knows what awesome things they will do! I will change the world by being kind to others, and I think that is the best way to change it! I'd rather be kind than be famous/popular, and that's how I am going to change the world!

2. That there is good in the world
If you want to find the negative in the world you will surely find it. But the same goes for goodness if you want to find goodness you will find it. Surround yourself with people who are good. Look for the goodness in others. I promise it will make you happy! I'm so glad that I can see the good in others!

3.  Everyone is BEAUTIFUL
I'm sorry I am cliche, actually I'm not sorry, so sorry not sorry! Everyone really is beautiful. I'm not talking about physical beauty, I'm speaking more of what's inside.  Even if you can't find the beauty in them, they have it! Not everyone is good so that makes it kind of hard to see their true beauty. Just remember that everyone has the potential to be beautiful! That's probably actually what I believe that everyone has potential to be beautiful. 

4. That there is a God
I know that God is real. I also know that He loves each one of us! I LOVE that he loves me and that He is rooting for each one of us to get back to Him! It just makes me so happy to know that this life has reason and meaning. I'm so grateful that I have someone to look up to and try to be like. God is just the best!!!

5. In Planning
Planning is the best way to go! I always like to be organized and know what I am doing with my time. That's pretty much all about planning, it's simply good!

6. You can learn a lot from books
I live for books, I really do! I don't like them just for the fact of a good story line. There is so much more than a story in a piece of writing. I submerge myself into whatever I'm reading, and develop relationships with the characters. Just having books on my bookshelf for decoration makes me happy, even reading reviews of books makes me happy! The best thing about books are the things the characters have to go through. I feel like I am in another life when I'm reading. I even question what the characters would do if  they were in the same situation I am in. 

7. In laughter
Anyone who knows me well knows that I laugh about everything, I really do! It's a disease, but a good one! (That sounded so weird, haha) Anyways, laughter releases so much happiness! You aren't living life right if you can't laugh at yourself. 

8. In others
I believe in others. This is a good thing and a bad thing, because sometimes others let you down. But sometimes it is the best thing because good things come about.

9. Family is Important
They are probably the most important. They are the reason why you are here, you should always remember that! Love your family and don't take them for-granted. After all they are the ones who stay by your side forever. Friends come and go but family is forever!

10. It's alright to invest in yourself
Go ahead and buy the shoes you want! Life is only limited to a number of years, and you should make yourself happy!

What do you believe in? Comment and let me know!



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