Getting Purse-onal

I have a problem, a very serious problem!!! I buy too many purses and shoes when I go shopping. The problem isn't that I have too many, I'm a girl and can never have to many shoes or accessories! The problem lies in the fact that I don't always love what I purchase, but I do love  a good deal. I've set out to fix this issue in my life by reinventing a purse. I love the style of this purse, just not the cheetah print. So instead of going out and buying a new handbag I've decided to re-imagine one that I already own. So if you want to redo a purse that you've grown out of, or a purse you hate, this tutorial is for you! Without further ado......I present to you a purse re-imagined.

So here's the purse, very animal print. The only thing is animal print only goes with so many things.

Here's what you'll need
Purse/Bag, Glue Gun, Velcro, Fabric Squares. I also used a pen, scissors, and a flat iron (or an iron of any sort) but I forgot to add them in the picture, so imagine they are there. 

You can get fabric quarters at any fabric store, they even sell them at Walmart. I got mine at JoAnn's for under $3.00

The first thing you are going to want to do is lay the flap of the bag flat on the floor. This will make it easier to work with.

Next, lay the fabric upside down onto the flap of the bag.

Once the fabric is placed where you want it secure it with a couple of hair clips, this is completely optional, but it helps the fabric to stay in place so it is easier to trace.

Then trace it with a pen, trace the outline of the flap by following the edging. 

Next cut about an inch away from the lines you just traced. 

After,  fold the fabric onto the traced line. Then with a straightener/iron, iron out a seam so it is straight. Once this is done it should lay perfectly over the pattern you are trying to cover up.

Next cut up the velcro into pieces and decide where you want to place it on the bag, but don't glue it yet. Putting it in the corners and in the middle of the top and bottom makes it really adhesive so the fabric won't fall off. 

 Put both sides of the velcro together, and hot-glue it onto the first corner of the fabric. Once you do that glue it onto the bag itself. By doing this it enables you to get a perfect fit on the bag. Don't do all of the corners at once. I've learned from trial and error that if you work from corner to corner it works smoother. Repeat this until you've secured your fabric and velcro to the bag. 

Aww Pretty Bag!!!!

After the velcro and fabric are attached the bag is complete. 

The fun thing about this bag is that it is so versatile! With the velcro on the bag it can easily be interchangeable with a different piece of fabric, all you have to do is get more fabric, and repeat the steps minus putting the velcro onto the bag. 
Enjoy this DIY, and I want to see pics of your new bag!

Outfit of the Day  ft: Purse-onalized Bag

Necklace: Deb Shops
Pants: Ross
Shoes: Sanucks (Comfiest shoes ever)
Purse: DIY
Shirt: had it forever
Fitbit: Floral Fitbit from Amazon



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